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Let’s Get Off the Hamster Wheel on Trade!

In January 2014, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, responding to the introduction of the latest “Fast Track” legislation, said, “It is past time for the United States to get off the corporate hamster wheel on trade.”

Trumka: President's Immigration Executive Action 'Moves Us Forward'

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued the following statement in response to President Barack Obama's announced executive action on immigration reform.

Workers Unite All Over the World, Taking on Walmart's Corporate Greed

Ten countries participated in a global day of action yesterday, supporting the Walmart strikers and workers speaking out for better conditions at the mega retailer. 

Many Paths to Succeed

For a long time, we’ve assumed there was one path to success for America’s kids: College prep courses in high school followed by four or more years of a college education.

But that formula leaves a lot of people out—like people whose families can’t afford college, those who can’t face the huge debt burden of college loans and young people whose career goals do not require a four-year bachelor’s degree.

Buy Union-Made in Washington, D.C.

The nation’s largest guide for savvy buyers who want to shop where employees are paid livable wages is expanding to the nation’s capital. Labor 411 on Nov. 18 launched its Washington, D.C., online edition ( The guide allows consumers to pinpoint by neighborhood where their shopping dollars are helping communities the most and, at the same time, avoid retailers that do not treat their workers well. 

Black Beans, Guac and Respect

In Los Angeles, more than 100 supporters rallied yesterday at a local Chipotle restaurant to ask it to intervene with its supplier, Huhtamaki.

Workers who make the packaging for Chipotle’s burrito bowls work at Huhtamaki, a giant Finland-based company, earn less than $15 per hour.

Stand with Huhtamaki workers and sign their petition today

Sexual Harassment: What Does It Have to Do with Living Off Tips?

What is it like living off tips as a woman in the service industry? Check out the latest video from Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United. 

IBEW Releases New Ad: Fairness at FairPoint—Outsourcing Jobs

What happens when a corporation cares more about Wall Street than its own employees? The answer is that jobs are outsourced to low-wage workers around the world. Right now, FairPoint Communications is working to outsource the jobs of thousands of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) members. The unions went on strike against FairPoint a little more than four weeks ago, and they are scheduled to resume negotiations this week.

Stand with Walmart Strikers on Black Friday

Walmart workers, many who earn poverty-level wages and have irregular and part-time hours, have mobilized for justice and fairness at Walmart over the past few years and now are calling on Walmart to end retaliation against workers who are asking for $15 an hour and full-time hours. Now, workers’ allies in communities around the nation are joining them in massive demonstrations on Black Friday (Nov. 28), the biggest shopping day of the year.

'I Miscarried on Walmart's Property'

Courageous current and former Walmart workers are calling on the mega retailer to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers including lighter duties where medically necessary and being able to drink water or sit down while at work. They formed a group called "Respect the Bump," which made huge strides earlier this year when Walmart announced it would make accommodations for workers with complicated pregnancies, including lighter duties when medically necessary. 

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